A Solid Foundation of Excellence

Family-Owned, Five Decades of Expertise


Over the company’s long history, Morris + Associates has designed and obtained permits for literally thousands of facilities all over the world. While M + A began as a fuel industry specialist serving major oil companies, today we proudly serve the retail, food service, drug, grocery, fleet, vehicle maintenance, municipal, alternative fuel, and military sectors. We have evolved over the last 50 years to offer a broad range of services for our diverse clients. 

The engineers and architects at Morris + Associates are licensed in multiple states. We are familiar with the unique requirements to permit a single site or the roll out of a retail program on a large scale. As such, we have the background and experience to assist customers in dealing with the rapidly changing and frequently complicated codes and regulations that apply to the design, permitting and operation of facilities worldwide.

Founded in the early 1960s by Don K. Morris, Morris + Associates (M+A) is a family-owned engineering and architectural firm based out of the Houston area.  Don’s expertise originated in his military service as a Naval Sea Bee during World War II and later as an employee of Gulf Oil. In 1979, William K. (Bill) Morris joined the firm after graduating from Texas A & M University with a degree in Civil Engineering. With the retirement of Don Morris in 1994, Bill Morris became President of the company.

A second-generation family-owned business, Morris + Associates brings five decades of experience to every project we undertake. With extensive expertise in the areas of engineering, architectural, and environmental services, we are uniquely qualified to cost effectively design, permit, and manage the construction of your next project.