1. CST Brands Inc., Corner Store


    CST Brands Inc., Corner Store

    Morris + Associates is working with CST to aggressively expand their newly branded Corner Stores in Texas and Louisiana.


  2. 82nd Airborne Mini-Mall Expansion


    82nd Airborne Mini-Mall Expansion

    This project involved the major renovation of a 20,000 square foot troop store into a LEED-certifiable 30,000 square foot mini-mall. An extensive construction phasing plan was developed to keep the facility open and operational.


  3. Petrohawk Seahawk Facility

    Natural Gas Condensate Truck and Marine Terminal Canopy Fire Control Drainage Containment SPCC Construction Administration

    Petrohawk Seahawk Facility

    Morris provided civil engineering services for the SeaHawk natural gas condensate truck and marine terminal in Point Comfort, Texas. Services included fieldwork to determine existing conditions, sizing the canopy, canopy plan and elevations, development of the fire control plan, fire line extension engineering,


  4. Marina Papagayo

    Marina Yacht Investigation Fuel System Troubleshoot shipping coordination 100 GPM flow

    Marina Papagayo

    This project involved fuel system engineering of a mega-yacht marina on the West Coast of Costa Rica.


  5. CenterPoint Dielectric Oil Facility

    Dielectric Oil storage distribution spill containment monitoring automated controls leak detection loading rack above ground storage tanks

    CenterPoint Dielectric Oil Facility

    This project involved the design of a facility for CenterPoint Energy to receive, store and distribute 2 classifications of dielectric (mineral) oil used in transformers, capacitors, insulators, circuit breakers and switches.




Building on our Strengths

Build on our strengths and reach your objectives more efficiently and effectively. With Morris + Associates, you benefit from specialists experienced in all the critical tasks required to design and permit a retail or fuel site. Our single focus on the convenience sector of retail, fuel storage and distribution centers sets us apart from all others.



Our Services Include

  • Industry research and benchmarking
  • Project feasibility studies
  • Prototype building/facility design
  • Probable cost analysis of proposed facilities
  • Entitlement services
  • Site design

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Building new Initiatives

A second-generation, family-owned business, Morris + Associates brings five decades of experience to every project we undertake. With extensive expertise in the areas of engineering, architectural and environmental services, we are uniquely qualified to cost effectively design, permit, and manage the construction of your next major project.  Read More…